Reviews at Project Wedding

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Marcos, Ian and I want to thank you again for your professional expertise, your great staff, your energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and humor.  You clearly enjoy what you do, and you do it well.

Ian’s bar mitzvah service was really nice and very real.  And his party was so fabulous.  We feel so lucky that both parts of his bar mitzvah couldn’t have been improved in any way.  We all had such a great time, and so did everyone else.

A corporate trainer who works closely with Marcos conducting seminars talks often about the significance of finding one’s gift, b/c we all have one, and it’s something that comes easily to us, something we do well and something that comes almost effortlessly to each of us.  And the idea is that once we recognize our gift, it helps us to become more self-actualized – professionally and personally b/c of the clarity that this discovery brings.

Well, you have clearly found your gift.  We hope it brings you much personal and professional success.  Although you make it all look easy, we remain so impressed w/how well you do your job – and it requires many different skill sets.

Talk to you in a few years!  Until then, Marcos and I are trying to figure out how to justify having a party just for us!


Ian, Marcos and Dee Dee

Hi Marc,

I just wanted to thank you a million times over on how fantastic you were. You went so above and beyond the expectations of a DJ that I'm not sure how the day would've played out without you! Thank you so much for handling all the drama with the videographer--you stepped in to help at the perfect time since we were getting so stressed out over it. My mom can't stop talking about how extremely helpful you were from start to finish. I know that my parents REALLY appreciated your help with the clean up. Music-wise I loved your playlist! I had so much fun. I wish more people would have danced, but that definitely was no reflection on you--more on our lame family members and friends! :)

If you ever need a recommendation or a reference please do not hesitate to ask me. I also know that my mom has been singing your praises for the last two weeks, so she'd be more than happy to talk to any brides/grooms as well.

Thanks again!

More references on request.